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Thank You for your interest in my book: "Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide and Owner's Manual". This dedicated book project took three years of compiling information, interviews, photos and diagrams to create this one-of-a-kind Mustang book for Mustang owners and enthusiasts.

Due to the great popularity of the 1989 edition of this book on the Internet, after 25 years, I decided to offer a newly-revised hardbound edition. Information and photos from both the 1989, and 1996 GT/CS books were combined, with all-new research and never-before-seen photos. This is one of the most comprehensive Mustangs books ever written and published.

The driving force behind this book was the continued support, interest and
pride of ownership from the members of the GT/CS Registry since 1985. This
unique Ford Mustang, which was conceived, built and marketed exclusively for California in 1968 continues to have a strong following. This continued enthusiasm inspired Ford to produce the 2007-2009, and 2011 GT/CS. A unique feature of this book is its documentation of how 1960s California car culture influenced Ford executives in Dearborn to engineer and produce this customized limited-edition Mustang.

This is a self-published book by writer-publisher-enthusiast Paul M. Newitt.
It is also a Ford-licensed item. Paul had been the owner of a 1968 390 "S"
code Mustang GT/CS for 36 years.

Thank you!! Paul M. Newitt,
Mustang GT/CS Registrar.



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This book is no longer available for purchase. Sorry!

For more information, please contact Paul directly at:
or write to: Paul M. Newitt, P.O. Box 427, Danville, CA 94526


Basic Book Information:
• "GT/CS Registry Edition", limited to 2,000 copies.
• A Ford Licensed item
• 224 Full-Color Pages, High Quality Printing
• Over 80,000 words
• Over 400 photographs and diagrams.
• Hardbound Textured Black Cover with chrome foil GT/CS stripes impression.
• Signed and Numbered Signature Page
• Each book includes a sequentially numbered metal tag on the inside back cover

Detailed Book Information:
• A brief History of 1968
• California Car Culture
• Development of 1968 Mustang
• Lee Grey Story / Lee Iacocca Story/Timeline / The Little Red / Shelby coupe story
• Development of the "GT/Sport Coupe"
• GT/CS Production design and blueprints
• The A.O. Smith story, with fiberglass parts casting procedures
• San Jose Ford Assembly Plant story (with new photos!)
• How the GT/CS was produced
• GT/CS Marketing Story: the reveal on Feb 15th, 1968
• Advertising: brochure, postcard and TV commercials
• Complete Marti Report GT/CS production specifications
• The High Country Special Story, with new info!
• GT/CS Production changes
• DSO information, and Western States distribution
• General Recognition with "How to spot a fake"

Parts descriptions with every detail, assembly procedure, specs, part numbers, including.....
• Grille, Marchal and Lucas fog lights
• Hood and Hood pins
• Side Scoops
• Taillight panels
• Taillight wiring
• Ornamentation and stripes identification
• Factory options
• Engine specs and descriptions
• Dealer Options and Accessories
• Interior Information and codes
• Wheel Covers, Styled-Steel Wheels and Tires specifications
• Vintage 1968 High Performance parts history

Concours Restoration info, with color illustrations for restoration of....
• Paint/Sealants/Fiberglass
• Undercarriage specifications with color diagrams
• Engine & Engine Bay
• Front and Rear Suspension
• Trunk Detailing
• GT/CS Stripes Application (1968 and 2007-09!)
• Concours Parts Information

Late Model GT/CS --2007-2009 History and Production
• 2007-09 development and production
• 2011 GT/CS Story

GT/CS Registry
• 23 pages, 1,350 cars listed by VIN and owner car photos

• The EXP-500 "Green Hornet" prototype story
• GT/CS Collectibles